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Maniphest number parsing in blog generates a core:edge exception
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When creating a blog post on Phame, that contains existing Maniphest ticket name like "T6666"

Generates the following error on "Save Changes"

Unhandled Exception ("Exception")

Transaction type 'core:edge' is missing an internal apply implementation!
  • The ticket number is recognised in the preview window
  • This doesn't happen when the ticket number is non-existent
  • This seems to only affect Phame.
  • The ticket recognition works fine on Maniphest
  • This was working fine last week, thus is a regression

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See also T6403 for a longer-term fix for this.

@epriestley thx Evan - please let us know if there's a workaround. We use these weekly blogs to track everyone's work so right now we can't monitor folks' work anymore.


This should be resolved in HEAD. Thanks for the report!