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Allow all applications to filter results by project
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Currently, Maniphest supports search by project (including not/all/any) and Diffusion supports this in a limited way.

All applications with objects which implement PhabricatorProjectInterface should support reasonable search-by-project capabilities. This should be implemented in a general way. Rough approach here is:

  • Move Maniphest to modern edges (T5245).
  • Modernize typeaheads (T4420).
  • Parameterize typeaheads (T4100) and use that to reduce the UI weight of project filters (by combining fields using parameters).
  • Generalize search in Maniphest.
  • Port and generalize search in Diffusion.
  • Finally, support general search for all PhabricatorProjectInterface objects.

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T2628 covers implementing PhabricatorProjectInterface in more applications.

Diffusion, Pholio, Differential and Maniphest now support generic, full-power modern project filtering. I think that covers all the applications we're aware of significant interest in for this feature. It will come to other applications as they get modernized and updated over time.