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Does Phabricator integrate with JIRA?
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This task provides an overview of JIRA integration and progress.

Does Phabricator integrate with JIRA?

Yes, but in a very limited way. These integrations are supported:

  • You can add a JIRA 6 instance as an authentication provider.
    • This allows users to log in to Phabricator with their JIRA accounts (i.e., you can use JIRA as SSO).
    • This also allows users to link their JIRA accounts to their Phabricator accounts.
  • If a JIRA 6 instance is enabled as an authentication provider:
    • A "JIRA Issues" field will appear in Differential, in the web UI and CLI.
    • Users who have linked their JIRA and Phabricator accounts will be able to add issues.
    • Users who have linked their JIRA and Phabricator accounts will be able to see the full names of linked issues.
    • JIRA issues linked to a Differential revision will be updated (with comments) when the revision is updated.
    • If you use unsupported patch D9858, JIRA issues will link back to Differential revisions and you can turn off comment updating.

Here's what the field looks like:

jira1.png (1×1 px, 125 KB)

jira2.png (1×1 px, 166 KB)

Here are some of the comments on corresponding issues:

Screen_Shot_2014-06-19_at_2.02.10_PM.png (222×827 px, 32 KB)

What limitations does the integration have?

  • No support for JIRA 5 (see T4289).
  • No links between Maniphest tickets and JIRA tickets.
  • No links between commits and JIRA tickets.
  • No support for updating JIRA ticket fields (versus simply commenting on them) when revisions change (see T3837). For example, you can't close tickets.
  • No support for importing data from JIRA (see T3179).
  • Users must individually link their accounts. There is no support for a single "master" or "bot" account. Individual linking makes sure users can't see anything in JIRA that they aren't normally allowed to see.

How do I configure integration?

  1. As an administrator, go to the Auth application.
  2. Configure JIRA as an authentication provider. This will make the field appear automatically.
  3. Instruct your users to link their accounts in Settings > External Accounts. This will let them use the field.

What are the plans to improve integration?

This is a very low priority for us, and we have no immediate plans to improve integration. All the integration we've built so far has been under contract, and improving these integrations is many years away on our natural roadmap.

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We're trying to integrate with JIRA 7.1. Is JIRA 7 or 7.1 supported?

We're trying to integrate with JIRA 7.1. Is JIRA 7 or 7.1 supported?

Have just tried with JIRA 7.0.2 and Phabricator 0b5fcb36ae8c772b7d8fe910e764bac07800efbf it was able to connect to JIRA and convert the issue headings into the contents within JIRA. But the comments are not updating.

See PHI1125. Recent versions of JIRA (JIRA 8?) still work with approximately the same instructions, but you have to fill out a modal dialog with about 7 required fields first, and none of the fields have real values. That is, the configuration instructions for recent JIRA are:

  • SettingsProductsApplication Links
  • Create new link.
  • Type garbage into every box.
  • Click "Continue".
  • Click "Edit" for the Link you created.
  • Click "Incoming Authentication".
  • Follow the instructions in Phabricator.

In jira 8.6.1 settings are now in:

  • AdministrationApplicationsApplication links