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Make Phrequent somewhat usable
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Jul 17 2013, 8:08 PM
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Phrequent is missing a lot of features right now and isn't generally usable.

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Need to be able to add/edit time after the fact. (My company wants to use it in place of Feng Office's time module eventually)

(I also need to be able to read those time entry notes.)

epriestley closed subtask Restricted Maniphest Task as Resolved.Apr 13 2015, 7:00 PM

Please take a look at Kimai for some inspiration on how to implement Phrequent. It is very clean and simple and easy to select, start, and stop timing events. Phrequent also needs the ability to track against more than just tasks. For example, our organization would use it to track time against support calls, etc.

Related to paid prioritization, how much would it cost to terminate this task and also the ability to edit the time entries after validation (man does mistakes).

Unfortunately, this is so far afield from our roadmap that we don't have room for this year, even under paid prioritization.