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Add a conduit API for phrequent
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I noticed that phrequent does not have a conduit API call. One of the features I want most is time tracking from console.

I am working on adding it myself. I will send a patch when I am finished. Is it okay if I assign this task for myself? I am assuming it's only a matter of time before the conduit API is added.

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@epriestley, I was away for a while, but I would like to get back to updating this. But I notice that PhrequentTrackController::startTracking still has the same implementation.

Shall I do the following:

  1. Extract the methods to start/stop tracking as public (static?) methods into another/new class. (which class should this be?)
  2. Use this common functionality for both TrackController and the conduit APIs?

Once I update with the new conduit APIs, I will be able to update the arcanist tasks as per your suggestions as well.

The most consistent approach would be to create an "Editor" class (PhrequentTrackingEditor or similar), have it extend PhabricatorEditor, and move the logic there. Moving that logic somewhere shared sounds good to me in general. If putting it in a Editor is messy, a static method is fine too and at least centralizes the logic somewhere and gets us one step closer to having a real Editor.

Is somebody still working on this?

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No one is currently working on this, Phrequent is a very low priority. See T4778 for some discussion of scheduling.

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We now support arc start, arc stop, arc time, and these are implemented with new API calls.