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Reporting for phrequent
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skyronic, Oct 18 2013


Feature Request

Reports showing:

  • Breakdown of time logged by each user as a table.
  • Breakdown of time logged on each project
  • Tasks which logged the most time

All of this should allow controlling time.

Additional Report types

A table showing time logged last week v/s previous weeks.

NameThis weekLast Week

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I've added a revision D7346: Very CRUDE implementation of reporting for phrequent which results in something like this:

Ideally we might want to plug this into Fact instead of yet another reporting system. Otherwise we're just going to end up with the next architecture problem like transactions, search and custom fields before it.

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I see no added value by bringing this into Fact or another reporting system beside the effort to implement this. Provide access to the collected data through common formats (XML, CSV etc.) instead would allow to use any tool to produces any specific report which is needed by the user (see T5151 and T5150).

Actually, I have to agree with merging this into Fact, otherwise we wind up with duplicates of common code.

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