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Modify `ArcanistTextLinter` to respect `.editorconfig`
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Authored by joshuaspence on Jan 21 2015, 7:56 AM.
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Fixes T5105. Modify ArcanistTextLinter to respect .editorconfig. The general idea is to consider .editorconfig files by default (maybe we can provide a text.ignore-editorconfig option, but I'm not sure there is much value in this). When linting a file, use PhutilEditorConfig::getConfig($path, $key) to determine which linter rules to apply (and in some cases how to apply them). If there is no .editorconfig file found, then resort to using the default values (i.e. the current behavior of ArcanistTextLinter). Depends on D9678.

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This mostly works, but likely needs some polish.

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FWIW, this mostly works but I'm going to hold off on spending too much time on this until after D9678.

I'd love to see this in mainline one day :-)


Shouldn't this be basically inverse of space for indentation?


This error should depend on indentation type set by editorconfig, right? So in case of tabs for indentation it should suggest tabs and not spaces.


Some projects do use BOM and require it in the source. EditorConfig project dis-encourages use of BOM, but nevertheless respects it.

I'd recommend to do something like:

case 'utf-8-bom':
  $checkbom = true;
case 'utf-8':
  $charset = 'UTF-8'; 	

And add one additional check for BOM after successful mb_check_encoding if UTF-8 check succeeded.

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I think we should still default to 80, using a sentinel if that's easiest.


(Particularly since 80 is still documented as the default behavior.)


This won't be reached because we return from the 'tab' branch above.

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Default to 80 character line length

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Use class constants from D12913

  • Fix default value for getEditorConfig
  • Tweak method visibilities
  • Tweaking
avivey added inline comments.

Would it be too preachy to default to lf here?


This doesn't look right...

maybe something like

'\r([^\n])' => '\r\n\1',
'([^\r])\n' => '\1\r\n',

(I'm pretty sure that's the wrong syntax for it)

epriestley edited edge metadata.

The newline stuff looks wrong to me -- notably lfcr ("Acorn BBC and RISC OS spooled text output.") is probably really crlf ("Windows, ..."). That is, "\r\n" is used on Windows, but this is "CRLF", not "LFCR".

I believe "cr"/"\r" is not a setting that is usable with any modern VCS tool, so it might be worthwhile to just throw rather than trying to support it.
I believe "lfcr" is also not usable either, and hasn't been used anywhere by anyone in the last 45 years.

Basically, I think there are only two real alternatives here: "crlf" (windows) and "lf" (everywhere else).

Also I typed "cr" and "lf" too many times there and probably got at least one wrong.


Should probably also do "\n" => "\r"?


This is sort of right, modulo @avivey's comment, except that it's consistent with "lfcr" (unused anywhere) and should probably be "crlf" (windows).


Note that phutil_split_lines() only recognizes "\n" (lf, unix) and "\r\n" (crlf, windows) newlines, because no VCS recognizes "\r" newlines. So this probably won't work with "cr" newlines. However, I believe nothing uses them.


e.g., called lfcr but string is crlf

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