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Ensure that `ArcanistTextLinter` respects `.editorconfig` settings
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May 18 2014, 10:41 PM
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The ArcanistTextLinter is great, except that it is biased in that it cannot be (easily) configured to selectively apply rules to files. It would be a more powerful tool if it read (and understood) .editorconfig files.

This would involve a couple of parts:

  1. Providing a function for converting glob patterns into regular expressions. Whilst PHP has support for checking glob patterns against a path (namely the fnmatch function), I expect that there are subtle differences in how PHP handles globs compared with the EditorConfig format.
  2. Providing an EditorConfig parser, probably in libphutil. This would essentially be a light wrapper around parse_ini_file with some validation.
  3. Modifying the ArcanistTextLinter to take .editorconfig files into account.

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Will the linter config (.arcconfig) somehow point to .editorconfig? Or will you *just have to know* that the text linter uses not only its linter config, but also .editorconfig files?

The best would probably be to use the text linter config to enable/disable respecting and analysing according to .editorconfig.

Better yet, the text linter could be configured to either one of:

  • Do not check .editorconfig files
  • Perform checks according only to the root .editorconfig file (project root, same folder as .arcconfig)
  • Recursively check for .editorconfig files and perform checks accordingly (as per, which I guess is the definition of its format?)

Maybe we should rename/replace ArcanistTextLinter to ArcanistEditorConfigLinter if we're doing this? I'm assuming supporting "all" of EditorConfig is a long-term goal here.