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Wind Down Phacility Operations
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May 29 2021, 8:50 PM
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"Secure" Service Tier is currently 4 hosts. This setup was to test repository clustering and database partitioning, and is not load related. secure can be scaled down to one host.

secure002 and secure004 are likely easy to take out of service, since they're pure replicas. Repositories can be stripped off secure003 easily, but the writable Files master database is on that host and the datasize isn't trivial (~8GB). This is probably easiest to deal with by just taking down services, dumping and moving the data, and accepting a couple hours of downtime.

The services on secure could conceivably be merged to admin, although I think the bootstrapping problem this creates is probably not worthwhile.


I'm planning to simply delete the Discourse forum without preserving any content. I think most of the useful content (e.g., bug reports with reproduction instructions) made it upstream, and the stuff that didn't make it upstream is largely not worth preserving.

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secure002 and secure004 are likely easy to take out of service, since they're pure replicas.

Just for my own notes: I pulled secure002 and secure004 out of the Almanac service definition, the notification and database cluster definitions, and the slb and snlb pools. I stopped them and nothing seemed broken, so I terminated them and nuked DNS.

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Was a pleasure, thank you for this project!

Sorry to hear that and hope everything is OK with you @epriestley.
I spent many hours learning from this high-quality code base.
Best of luck in whatever you do in the future.