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Maniphest batch editor can affect far too many tasks
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There is a serious UX issue in the batch editor which can cause far too many tasks to be affected. To reproduce:

  • Try to edit a collection of tasks which are all not editable (you must not have permission to edit any of the tasks you select).
  • The edit will incorrectly apply to every task you do have permission to edit.

This is prevented by D13388 and the root issue is fixed by D13390.

I think the additional steps below remain worthwhile.


A user showed up in IRC with a batch edit misfire that is not reproducible or technically distinguishable from user error (edit: now reproducible and highly distinguishable), while running an old version of Phabricator with third-party plugins. Since this is hugely disruptive and I can't prove it isn't our fault (edit: 100% our fault) I don't want to brush it off, but it would be helpful to have better tools to log and recover from these misfires.


  • Log batch edits and give them PHIDs, so there's a record of who batch edited what and when. We need this for T5166 anyway.
  • Save the batch edit PHID on the transaction record: this can make recovery easier, at least, by letting us identify the changes with certainty.

And maybe try harder to prevent user error:

  • Require extra-confirm if editing more than ~100 things?

Hypothetically, we could make transactions reversible so you could undo edits, but I'm not eager to pursue this given the tremendous amount of work it entails.

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This appears to work to undo a status change batch edit:

  • Drop this into phabricator/ as undo_batch_edit.php or similar.
  • Run phabricator/ $ php -f undo_batch_edit.php.
IMPORTANT: You need to configure the variables in the header for this to work.

// IMPORTANT: This script ONLY works for "status" batch edits, not for other
// types of batch edits.

// Put the PHID of the user who performed the bad edit here. You can get this
// by running `user.query` from the Conduit web API.
$actor_phid = 'PHID-USER-cvfydnwadpdj7vdon36z';

// Specify the start and end time of the bad edit here. We'll ignore changes
// outside this time range. By default, this is looking at changes in the last
// 24 hours.
$min_date = time() - (24 * 60 * 60);
$max_date = time();

// Specify the bad status that was set with the edit here. This is a key from
// the `maniphest.statuses` config, like "closed" or "invalid".
$bad_status = 'spite';

// Change this to "true" to actually apply changes. With this flag set to
// false, the script will run and show debugging output, but not do anything.
$apply_changes = false;

// --- End of Configuration ------------------------------------------------- //

require_once 'scripts/__init_script__.php';

$table = new ManiphestTask();
$conn_w = $table->establishConnection('w');
foreach (new LiskMigrationIterator($table) as $task) {
  $id = $task->getID();
  echo "Processing task T{$id}.\n";

  $status = $task->getStatus();
  if ($status != $bad_status) {
    echo "This task has status '{$status}', not the bad status; skipping.\n";

  $xactions = id(new ManiphestTransactionQuery())
  msort($xactions, 'getID');

  // Find the bad edit so we know if and when this task was affected.

  $bad_edit = null;
  foreach ($xactions as $xaction) {
    if ($xaction->getTransactionType() != ManiphestTransaction::TYPE_STATUS) {

    if ($xaction->getAuthorPHID() != $actor_phid) {

    if ($xaction->getDateCreated() < $min_date) {

    if ($xaction->getDateCreated() > $max_date) {

    if ($xaction->getNewValue() != $bad_status) {

    if ($bad_edit) {
      if ($xaction->getID() > $bad_edit->getID()) {

    $bad_edit = $xaction;

  if (!$bad_edit) {
    echo "No matching edit to this task; skipping.\n";

  // Find the prior status change so we can figure out what status to revert
  // to.

  $last_good_status = ManiphestTaskStatus::getDefaultStatus();
  foreach ($xactions as $xaction) {
    if ($xaction->getID() == $bad_edit->getID()) {

    if ($xaction->getTransactionType() != ManiphestTransaction::TYPE_STATUS) {

    $last_good_status = $xaction->getNewValue();

  if (!$apply_changes) {
    echo "Would change status to '{$last_good_status}' if apply changes ".
         "flag was set.\n";

  echo "Updating task to status '{$last_good_status}'.\n";
    'UPDATE %T SET status = %s WHERE id = %d',
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After mulling this over for a bit while dealing with other stuff, I'm pretty convinced that the general purpose infrastructure in T5166 is the way forward here, so my plan is to move forward with that.

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I have this working functionally, but the UI is still an atrocious mess. Probably have something ready tomorrow.