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Support downloading a compressed working copy (tar/zip) of a repository at a specific commit or tag
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I think it's useful to download the tarball from tag source

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You mean you want a way to download an entire Git/SVN/Hg repository as a .tgz?

Yes, I hope Diffusion has much more features like github.

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This feels like something more for Phacility -- see T1315 -- which will involve managing source repositories alongside the Phabricator application as part of the hosting solution. It's kind of strange feature unless its offered from a hosting solution because right now all Phabricator users are administrators of the repository directly.

Anyhoo, seems like a reasonable wishlist request.

Yes, I think it's a useful feature.


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This is now meaningfully achievable through Drydock as a repository operation, but we've seen very little interest in it.

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This is something we could reasonably build now, but I think we're unlikely to build it without a customer request and an actual use case. Closing until those materialize.