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Use ApplicationSearch in the ObjectSelector dialog
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On this screen in maniphest:

I'd like to be able to look at revisions that I've created, but have recently closed.
Often, I'll close a differential revision and then immediately want to attach it to a task. This UI makes it easy to surface revisions that are open, but not ones that were recently closed.

In the dropdown, there is an all-revisions item which looks like this:

Unfortunately, we create tens to hundreds of reviews per hour so it gets dug down pretty fast. Ability to filter the all-revisions by author would do the same job.

The typical workflow that may lead to this

  1. Person A creates Maniphest task M
  2. Later on, Person B creates a diff which solves task M
  3. Person B realizes they just solved task M and wants to close task M
  4. Person B tries to attach revision to task M before closing it
  5. Person B has to look at their recently closed revisions on some other screen because the default screen doesn't surface these revisions very easily.


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We'd like to make that dropdown show your custom queries instead of a hard-coded list of fairly arbitrary defaults. (I think there's some discussion of that somewhere, but I wasn't immediately able to dig it up, and I don't think we have a task filed yet.)

That would let you define a "Authored and Recently Closed" query in Differential and have it appear as an option in the "Edit Differential Revisions" dialog. (Possibly, we might also want to provide a way for you to reorder the "Attach" queries separately from the main application queries, since some queries are probably more common/useful in one context than the other.)

Ah, thanks! I'm just going to merge that here since I think this is more complete than that one, now.

  • Using ApplicationSearch here is roughly 8 hours of work.
  • We'd like to ship that first and see how it feels, but if we need to provide separate ordering/filtering for queries in this dialog vs queries in general that's probably 2-3 hours.
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  • T7820 needs a "single selection mode".
  • T3562 needs a "pinboard" result view.
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