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Design Meme/Macro Picker
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We need a generic design for picking an image from a stack of images easily. It would be used in Memes/Macros/Pholio

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For memes, I was just going to use a typeahead with image thumbnails, similar to how the main search typeahead works (users have profile images; applications are supposed to have app icons but I broke this a while ago).

Where would this be used in Pholio?

I think Typeaheads are great when you know what you're looking for, ie a person or state, but it doesn't lend to discovery. I was hoping to see if I could solve discovery as well. There may be other ways to help with discovery though. A typeahead would be a quick way to make it easier to use memes if you're already versed.

My dumb-but-easy plan was basically to use the typeahead to improve usability when you know what you're looking for but don't remember what it was called ("Was it 'picardface' or 'picardpalm'?"), but not necessarily to solve discovery. Open to something more ambitious.

Graph Search obvi.

Memes used by epriestley on Pholio Diffs

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This is the intended fix for "macro search takes one extra click now".

✘ Merged into T3899.

Facebook has like 3,000 macros, how should we deal with that case?

(I think we should maybe do a preview, too -- not sure how much of a mess that will be though.)

(I think we can't throw out search/filtering/select-by-name entirely, since some installs have huge numbers of macros and the non-dialog syntax is kind of hairy to remember.)

We can either tab [My Macros · My Favorites · All Macros] or just have a pager at the bottom after say 48 or so. Or both.

How does a user set favorites? Paging through 3,000 macros in chunks of 48 doesn't seem very good, and most Facebook users probably haven't uploaded the macros they're interested in...

We can use the "Edit Differential Revisions" interface:

/ LE MACROS                                                    \
| [All Macros V] [picard______________________________________] |
| (My Macros   )                                                |
| (Flagged     )                                                |
| +--------------------+ +------------------+ +--------------+ ^|
| |                    | |                  | |              | /|
| |                    | |                  | |              | /|
| |                    | |                  | |              | /|
| |                    | |                  | |              | /|
| +--------------------+ +------------------+ +--------------+ /|
| +--------------------+ +------------------+ +--------------+ /|
| |                    | |                  | |              | /|
| |                    | |                  | |              | /|
| |                    | |                  | |              | /|
| |                    | |                  | |              | /|
| +--------------------+ +------------------+ +--------------+ V|
|                                                               |
|   Above: [___________________________]                        |
|   Below: [___________________________]                        |
|                                                               |
|  PREVIEW                                                      |
|                                                               |
|           I DERP MY BLERP                                     |
|                                                               |
|             picardpalm                                        |
|                                                               |
|           DOGE SUCH WOW                                       |
|                                           [ Cancel ][ Save ]  |

Kind of heavy, but that's probably the dumbest/most direct un-fancy approach?

Why is a user paging through 3000? I feel like if there are 3000, there are other issues at hand. We can have 'Set Favorite' as an action and maybe keep the last n used as well. I guess I'm not sure what problem the picker is solving via typeahead (which also requires you have all 3000 in your noggin). At least with some tabs, favorites, users can keep things close they want but still be able to explore memes for random new ones.

But yes, ^^ what you say there, I can add a selector and a typeahead. :)

i do not know how you draw with | so quickly hahaha

  • All Macros
  • Popular Macros
  • My Macros
  • Flagged

I really think we have a chance to extend our leadership in the Macro application department in regards to our competitors.

We could likely use this also for attaching pholio mocks

Ah yeah, that makes a ton of sense and would be nice.

I think I'm going to basically provide two quotes here:

  • The cheap option is that we just typeahead the "macro" input, with nothing fancy/sophisticated. I think that will be a reasonable step forward in usability, and I can do that in about 20 minutes.
  • The fancy option is that we refactor the ObjectSelector dialog to use ApplicationSearch (T4002), have a thumbnail view option (for Pholio and Macros), and end up with something more like the ASCII art above. We'll do this eventually (all the other instances will benefit, too, particularly Pholio), but can prioritize it for a day or so of work.

Sound good?

I draw mostly by just mashing space a lot, but TextMate does let you draw vertical bars by holding option while you select a column.

We don't have any way to compute popular macros right now, but if we add that later we'd get it for free if the dialog was powered by ApplicationSearch. I agree that this would widen our lead in the macro arena.

Yes, #2. I like that. Please invoice me for it, I'll put it on the company credit card.

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