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Dashboards v2 (UX)
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Dashboard v2 Game Plan ™

  • Make it easy to find your dashboard
  • Make it easy to edit your dashboard
  • Make policies around dashboards easy to understand
  • Make installing a dashboard to home/project/favorites easy peasy
  • Simplify panel creation, less dropdowns, more typeaheads

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epriestley renamed this task from Dashboard v2 (Home + Usability) to Dashboards v2 (Home + Usability).Feb 19 2016, 3:20 PM
epriestley created this task.

@epriestley I think for Dashboards, and probably other applications, having some sort of compound typeahead/select would be helpful. I think maybe we can abstract this into using ApplicationSearch as the filter, and the tokenizer for the final results. Thoughts?

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Generally makes sense to me.

Are there other places where we'd use it? I can't immediately come up with any cases where we have a large number of ambiguous/similarly-named results.

One potential product issue is that the best default filter for tokenizers and the best default filter for normal ApplicationSearch may differ. We run into this with T7805, too.

For example, the default ApplicationSearch filter in Maniphest is "Assigned", but the best default filter for "Merge Duplicates In..." is probably "All Open Tasks, Most Recently Created First". I'm not sure what the best way to tackle this is, or how common it is. "Authored Dashboards" is probably the best default filter in most cases.

I'd probably use it in Dashboard creation as well for finding Panels.

Nothing set in stone, It just popped into my head as a possible solution

One thing I'd like to bring back is "Install" in some fashion, which is easy to prompt and do the legwork on landing it on a home or project menu, but doesn't seem we can let you know where a dashboard is used and if you have it installed.

There's currently no way to query that, since the dashboardPHID is in a JSON blob in the PhabricatorProfileMenuItemConfiguration table.

You could add a keyed column like referencePHID, let MenuItem emit it when the MenuItemConfiguration is saved, migrate existing items, then query for configurations.

It also seems tricky to go from a profilePHID to a human-readable description of where the item is installed. If an item is in the Favorites menu it will have PHID-APPS-PhabricatorFavoritesApplication or whatever as the profilePHID, and you can load that object or the handle for that object and get "Favorites (Application)" out of it, but that's probably not terribly comprehensible to a normal user (versus human-readable text like "This dashboard is currently installed in your Favorites menu."). But I guess you could just hard-code that for now

chad renamed this task from Dashboards v2 (Home + Usability) to Dashboards v2 (UX).Feb 11 2017, 6:45 PM
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Wondering if we should get rid of "template dashboard".

I'm fine with getting rid of the template, I think it's much less relevant now that home is no longer a single dashboard.

(And it's easier to build query panels.)