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Support bulk editing object policies
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Mar 25 2014, 6:19 PM


The bulk editor currently does not support adjusting object policies, so you can't use it to (for example) change the visibility of a large number of tasks.

After T10973, the bulk editor side of this is fairly easy. The UI side -- where we need to render a policy selector control dynamically in pure Javascript -- is not.

In the meantime, a possible workaround is that all modern *.edit API methods do support policy editing, so you may be able to use the API, rather than the bulk editor, to make sweeping policy changes.


The action menu in the bulk editor has no option for "Change Policy" / "Change Visibility" / etc

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We should add "Change view policy" and "Change edit policy" actions here. I think these are straightforward.

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I found the tricky part.... :) See D8677

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Aside from being a bit of a corner / long tail case, implementing this is tricky business - see D8677. As such, putting to low priority and will circle back eventually.

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In D8677, @epriestley mentioned a 5 line script to bulk adjust policies - any chance of this being made available and/or made part of the command line tools? I'm planning on making my phab install a bit more public, but would like to make most of the old tasks/revisions only visible within the core team.

You should be able to do something like this:


require_once 'scripts/__init_script__.php';

foreach (id(new LiskMigrationIterator(new ManiphestTask()) as $task) {
  $id = $task->getID();
  echo "Updating task {$id}...\n";

  $task->setViewPolicy(/* Policy Goes Here */);

  // uncomment this when satisfied with the script behavior, to persist changes
  // $task->save();

Drop that in phabricator/ and run it with php -f script.php.

To figure out what the policy value should be, set some task to the desired policy, then examine the row in the database: SELECT viewPolicy FROM phabricator_maniphest.maniphest_task WHERE id = 123456

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require_once 'scripts/__init_script__.php';

foreach (id(new LiskMigrationIterator(new ManiphestTask())) as $task) {
  $id = $task->getID();
  echo "Updating task {$id}...\n";

  $task->setViewPolicy(/* Policy Goes Here */);

  // uncomment this when satisfied with the script behavior, to persist changes
  // $task->save();

Slight syntax correction, for the record.

◀ Merged tasks: T5898.

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