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Allow users to bulk-change visibility and editability policies for Phriction documents
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I've worked on documentation for one of our open source projects using the All Users visibility and editability policy. As it's finished, I want to migrate the project page and all of its subpages from All Users to Public visibility and a project-based editability policy so it's available to the public, but can only be edited by trusted users.

This is a daunting task currently, with me having to go through all of the subpages one by one and edit their settings, which is both tiresome and error-prone. A solution such as T6004 would be great.

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See T4675#57776 for a local workaround for now.

I'm vaguely assuming this should work reading the code for PhrictionDocument.

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This is either T4675 or T6004. I don't know which will happen first, but I'm just going to close it in favor of those.