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Allow external users to establish real sessions
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For Nuance and Maniphest, at a minimum, we want grey users to be able to login and interact with Phabricator over the course of a session, not just a single page. Other types of interactions, like Legalpad verifications, might be better captured with single-page worklfows, but if someone reports an issue on Twitter to Nuance, they should be able to login and interact with that ticket over the course of multiple pages.

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I poked at this a bit. Here's the stuff I've hit so far:

  • The session code lives in $user->establishSession() and is hard-coded to users. This needs to be made more general, so you can login as an arbitrary PHID (in concrete terms, either a user PHID or an external account PHID, but maybe we'll add Pages later or something).
  • Sending the external login flow through the AuthLink controller seems to make the most sense. It's the nearest existing workflow. I have a patch to do this, but it dead-ends when it tries to establish a session since it can't session an ExternalAccount right now.
  • The grey PhabricatorUser objects generated by ExternalAccount respond to isLoggedIn right now, which they definitely should not. I'm not sure if they should be considered public accounts and then given a few exceptions, or put into some new grey-user class. (Also maybe we should call these something other than "grey" users, although I think the term is relatively unambiguous, while "external user" can mean several things.)

Broadly, I came at this from the angle of getting the login workflow working first, but probably need to get sessions working first instead.

woah, first I've seen this screen. How can I repo that?

Run arc diff --only, or click the ID column in the "Revision Update History" table on a revision.

and yeah that page has some UI jank

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We're well positioned to implement this now, but we don't need it quite yet for Nuance, right? I'm inclined to hold off on the actual flow for a bit and let all the changes settle for a few days, at least, if this isn't going to be blocking anything in the immediate future.

I'm going to merge this into T12738. Although that task primarily discusses Nuance as a Phacility support tool and we ended up building a standalone Support tool instead, I generally believe Nuance is the most likely pathway for interactions falling under the general "helpdesk" umbrella. That is, the future for these use cases mostly looks like "lightweight/external users interact with Nuance, then staff triage issues into other objects like Tasks that only real users interact with", not "lightweight/external users interact with every application and every application gains support for email/external/grey interactions".