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Give the session table a normal `id` column as a primary key

Authored by epriestley on Jan 15 2014, 8:27 PM.



Ref T4310. Ref T3720. Two major things are going on here:

  • I'm making this table work more like a standard table, which, e.g., makes delete() simpler to implement.
  • Currently, the primary key is (userPHID, type). I want to get rid of this, issue unlimited sessions, and GC old sessions. This means we can't have a unique key on (userPHID, type) anymore. This removes it as the primary key and adds it as a normal key instead. There's no functional change -- the code to generate sessions guarantees that it will never write duplicate rows or write additional rows -- but allows us to drop the -1, -2 qualifiers in the future.
  • Also of note, our task is made far simpler here because MySQL will automatically assign values to new AUTO_INCREMENT columns, so we don't have to migrate to get real IDs.
Test Plan

Ran migrations, verified table looked sane. Logged out, logged in.

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btrahan accepted this revision.Jan 15 2014, 9:52 PM

cool beans


what's the FIRST word do? just make it first in the list of columns?

epriestley added inline comments.Jan 15 2014, 9:52 PM

Yeah, the options are:

... AFTER <column>

This just makes it show up at the top of the table.

epriestley closed this revision.Jan 15 2014, 9:55 PM

Closed by commit rPa64228b03fbc (authored by @epriestley).