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Issue "anonymous" sessions for logged-out users

Authored by epriestley on Jan 23 2014, 6:18 PM.



Ref T4339. Ref T4310. Currently, sessions look like "afad85d675fda87a4fadd54", and are only issued for logged-in users. To support logged-out CSRF and (eventually) external user sessions, I made two small changes:

  • First, sessions now have a "kind", which is indicated by a prefix, like "A/ab987asdcas7dca". This mostly allows us to issue session queries more efficiently: we don't have to issue a query at all for anonymous sessions, and can join the correct table for user and external sessions and save a query. Generally, this gives us more debugging information and more opportunity to recover from issues in a user-friendly way, as with the "invalid session" error in this diff.
  • Secondly, if you load a page and don't have a session, we give you an anonymous session. This is just a secret with no special significance.

This does not implement CSRF yet, but gives us a client secret we can use to implement it.

Test Plan
  • Logged in.
  • Logged out.
  • Browsed around.
  • Logged in again.
  • Went through link/register.

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For consistency with D8041.

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Closed by commit rP69ddb0ced631 (authored by @epriestley).