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Implement support for automatically updating Conpherence when new messages appear
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Couldn't seem to find a task for this, but basically Conpherence should poll in the background for new messages and automatically update when they arrive. This can probably be done with a simple AJAX callback made every few seconds for the time being.

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It should go over the existing notifications channel, which needs some tweaks to support both "conpherence" and "notification" events (and presumably other events while we're mucking with things).

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Aweeee yeeeaaahh. Real time notifications :D

This more or less works. Most of the remaining work is covered elsewhere (T5364, T5365, T5369).

Heads up: works flawlessly on Chromium. Not working consistently on Firefox. (Ubuntu 14.10)

Is this enabled here on Logging into a Conpherence room with another browser and leaving a message in the second browser, I don't get an automatic update in the first browser.

It's really not working (Chrome OS).