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After an Aphlict reconnect, dirty realtime UI state
Open, Needs TriagePublic


If Aphlict disconnects and reconnects, realtime UI should refresh.

  • Any open Conpherence rooms should update.
  • The unread counts should refresh.

This is technically unnecessary if we're able to replay the entire interruption after T12563. However, there will always be some disconnects which exceed the duration of any reasonable Aphlict buffer (closing laptop, walking back to your desk, re-opening laptop) and Aphlict state is transient (disconnect, Aphlict restarts, reconnect after a few seconds), so we must always be able to dirty state.

It's probably reasonable to dirty state unconditionally after a reconnect, even if we replay the entire disconnect, since this code will rarely get run otherwise and the cost should be small/rare.

Event Timeline

Conpherence is repainting after D17713 but notification counts aren't, yet.