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When a client reconnects to Aphlict, replay recent messages
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If a client reconnects after a brief disconnection (say, about 30 seconds), real-time messages that they missed should be replayed. Currently, the messages are gone forever.

  • The client needs to distinguish between "connect" (no replay) and "reconnect" (replay).
  • The server needs to understand replay requests (possibly with a "replay" command).
  • The server needs to buffer messages for the maximum replay duration (e.g., last 30 seconds of activity or last 4096 messages, whichever is fewer).
  • The client needs to gracefully handle receiving duplicate messages.

Advanced features might include:

  • Let the "replay" command include a time window, so clients which know they have been disconnected for only 4 seconds only need to replay the last 4 seconds of activity.

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