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Improve reliability of Conpherence connections
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  • Make JX.Leader and Aphlict more observable and robust: T12568, T12567, T12566, T12564, T12563.
  • Make Conpherence send, connect, reconnect, and retransmit behaviors better: T12562
  • Once things work, switch notify LBs from default-configured ELBs (no websockets, 30 second connection kills) to properly configured ALBs (websocket support, no connection killing).

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Things seem better here for me, although I'm still seeing a couple issues:

  • I get a red dot for a bit in Conpherence sometimes. I think this is actually a lie and that we're connected, the leader tab just isn't propagating state properly.
  • I get double/triple audio alerts with multiple tabs open. This is probably a simple bug since the code is intended to prevent it.