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Redesign main header / quick create / search
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Task to track the upcoming simplification of the main Phabricator header. Pholio Mocks attached.

Overall goals:

  • Simplify and make main "eye logo" more friendly
  • Convert wordmark to pure text
  • Allow "eye logo" and / or "text" to be customized
  • Reduce button/icon overload
  • Move "account" related options into a single menu
  • Use "login, logout" as text with icons
  • Move search menu into searchbar
  • Widen search area
  • Favorites dropdown to replace "quick create"

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@epriestley I think my rough plan here is:

  • unset the current header-image
  • have header-image now go to the 'eye logo'
  • Remove "Phabricator wordmark", replace with text
  • create new header-text field
  • have "Phabricator" be displayed if header-text is null

Question basically here is, do we just blog post notify admins about changes, or something else?

We can just replace ui.custom-header with two separate options I guess and put deprecation guidance in the old option.

Do we have any evidence that installs are interested in replacing "Phabricator"? From T4214, it looked like everyone only wanted to replace the logo, although maybe I missed something. If almost no one wants to replace this, maybe no option and they can just fork (or do translation stuff in the future)?

I would want to on

Ah, fair enough. Two options it is, then.

For the very little it is worth, my coworkers consistently refer to our instance as Phab, matching the subdomain we gave it, and currently have a mark like

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.08.24 AM.png (84×310 px, 11 KB)

so we would both like to get rid of the eye and (slightly) change the wordmark

but its your product, and I understand the desire to assert consistent branding

Edit: oh I managed to misread that as "Option two it iss" meaning only change the eye, per paragraph two of your previous comment rather than "Two options it is". My bad - leaving my comment as a second example I guess

There isn't a wordmark in the redesign, it will just be a text hyperlink (which you can customize).

FYI the logo in the design / mock doesn't really look like an eye - it makes me think of a gear not an eye with a gear.

It feels less.... phabricatey.

(Though I really like the sidebar menu with projects / repositories / create new)

That isn't the logo we're planning to use. We haven't settled on a final logo (we had external designers come up with new ideas). Still testing stuff locally.

(That was my attempt at a different, less eye staring into your soul, logo).

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This is complete for now, there may be more minor updates, but all top level goals have shipped.

Are we not supposed to have permission to "Edit Favorites", or is the Favorites application still being worked on?

Not intentional -- @chad, I can figure out what's going on there since it might reasonably be me and I have a local repro.

And before you file it, no, cat facts are not supported.