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[WIP] Masking space when only one active space

Authored by tycho.tatitscheff on Sep 18 2015, 4:16 PM.



Fixes T9425.
Fixes T9436.
As discussed in T9425, once one tested Spaces, there is no way to end the test comppletly.
In fact, some disturbing Select element remains, torturing the mind of the administrator, who tested Spaces.
Moreover it is even more disturbing for the users who have been promised that Spaces will be removed completly.

Test Plan

This is WIP, really not for direct merged.
I will do extensive test try on developpement server, once I get some review.

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That is my jokker question.

I have no clue, how make javelin mask some item depending on an PhabricatorCursorPagedPolicyAwareQuery.
Shall i pass something in config ? And then display space or not dependingon config ?


This is what T9425/Q135 was about !
Masking Spaces Select if there is not 2 or more active Space.

  • Very WIP (pseudo code) test of masking Javelin Space 'Shift to space'
tycho.tatitscheff added inline comments.

My solution should work !
It is maybe ugly.

@epriestley, @chad : ready for a review if time !


should be select_items or select_rows or action_rows

@epriestley, what do you think conceptually of this ?? If you have time giving me some thought ?

@chad i'm not asking for a full review nor for merging it soon (TM) !
I was just wondering what revision I had open and thus I was asking if it could be an working way to fix T9425 and T9436.
I fully understand if you have no time to look at it.

I fully understand if you have no time to look at it.

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