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Is there a way to completely deactivate Spaces?
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Asked by tycho.tatitscheff on Sep 15 2015, 11:02 AM.


After Spaces was out of prototype, I activated it on an instance.
The goal was to allow an user that don't care about Administrative stuff to leave the correspondent project, masking the task via Spaces.

After a while, I realized that it cause much more pain to NUX that it brings so I archived all but default space (S1).
But in the UI, the <Select Space/> still display with one space.

How to remove this <Select/> component (ie mask Spaces like bare install). ?

I guess since space implement [[;0449a07f537d1df22ce10cd396d1ba9067c40ac1$8 | PhabricatorDestructibleInterface]], I can run :

./bin/remove destroy PHID-SPCE-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

for all my space-s and then Spaces will be correctly deactivated.
In fact, documentation seem's to indicate that two space-s are required to activate Spaces.

But since there is no conduit for Spaces, how to guess the phid value ?


Updated 2,106 Days Ago

See T9425, this UI should go away if you have no active Spaces.

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