Paid Prioritization
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If you'd like to get a specific feature built right away, we (Phacility) offer paid prioritization. The service we provide works like this:

  • We'll prioritize a Phabricator feature you're interested in and build it as soon as possible.
  • We'll charge you $150/hour for the time we spend working on it.
  • This service is risk-free. There's no contract and you have no obligation to pay. Payment is not due until delivery. If you aren't completely satisfied, you aren't expected to pay us.


Many features that users and organizations are interested in can be built in a day or less, but contracts can rarely be negotiated that quickly. In the long run, we lose far more time by negotiating contracts than by accepting all of the delivery risk.

What Can Be Prioritized

The service we offer gives you control over our development priorities, not access to custom development. Everything we build will go into the upstream and be released as open source. We'll retain ownership of all our work product and intellectual property. We'll also maintain the feature in the upstream indefinitely, for free.

Because we're committing to an indefinite maintenance window, we're only willing to prioritize features that reasonably fit into our roadmap: we won't just build anything you can dream up.

If you have a very narrow use-case which is specific to your organization, this service may not be a good fit for what you're interested in. If you aren't sure, we can help you figure out what we're comfortable upstreaming, or how we might be able to adjust your feature to be upstreamable or otherwise find another solution to your problem.

In most cases, our roadmap is expansive enough that features tend to fit into it somehow. In particular, almost everything filed in Maniphest is suitable for prioritization.

Getting Started

Before moving forward, you should read L34 Phacility Prioritization Service Agreement for specific details about what we're offering. It covers the points discussed here in more detail.

If paid prioritization sounds like something you might be interested in once you've read through the details:

  • Send us an email at describing the feature you're interested in prioritizing. (If you don't mind your interest being public, you can also just comment on a task and let us know you're interested in prioritizing it.)
  • We'll discuss any considerations and help clarify any details about the feature or request and give you a rough quote and timeline, if it's something we can do.
  • If these sound reasonable to you, we'll prioritize development.
  • After we ship the feature, we'll invoice you for the time we spent developing it.
  • Pay the invoice only if you're completely satisfied with the service, timeline, price, and product.


If this approach isn't a good fit for your organization, we can also work with a more traditional service contract. Get in touch with us ( to discuss specifics.

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