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Inline comments not sorted
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  1. when I add 2 inline comments (A and then B), then in commit bottom (where preview part is) they show as "B and then A" - latest added shows on top
  2. once I submit inline comments in commit summary (see image below):
    • sorting of files with inline comments, doesn't match file sorting in commit itself
    • sorting of inline comments within single file isn't done by line number, but as I added them therefore comment on line 280 goes after comment on line 287

Commit_InlineComments_NotSorted.png (939×904 px, 219 KB)

Maybe T1790 is related.

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Never noticed that before? Is this specific for Audit?

I don't know offhand, See T10978, we have a lot of cruft in Audit that just needs tossing out.

(I don't know if this is the exact same bug, but we'd fix them both in the same pass)

D17183 fixes half of this: previews are now sorted in creation order, from oldest (top) to newest (bottom). This is the same order used in Differential. We use this order for previews because it makes it easier to review recently added comments while working through a review/audit.

A future change will fix the other half of this (ordering within the timeline).