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Integrate Spaces into shared infrastructure
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Umbrella task for secondary integrations:

Stronger use cases:

  • Herald Conditions: You should be able to write Herald conditions that examine spaces for applications which support them ("If Task is in space X, ....").
  • Application Email: Mail like bugs@... should be able to go into a Space automatically.
  • Batch Editor: Let tasks be switched between Spaces using the batch editor.

Weaker use cases:

  • Policies: You should probably be able to write a "Users with access to Space..." custom policy. Technically easy, but not clearly useful, and maybe confusing.
  • Mail Commands: Something like !space <space> to put a task in a space probably makes sense. You'd have to use the monogram right now. Not clear if this is really useful. Maybe for automated flows?
  • Herald Actions: I'd like to wait for a use case, since this feels pretty messy (it could cause users to immediately lose access to tasks they created in a confusing way).

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The clearly-desirable integrations now work. I want to wait for use cases for the others; they likely aren't technically hard, but are potentially bad/confusing/ambiguous.