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Add support for desktop notifications
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Nov 20 2013, 9:12 PM
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Support Web Notifications for application notifications.

Major steps are likely to be:

  • Notifications require an enrollment step where the browser asks users to confirm that they want notifications.
    • Add SettingsDesktop Notifications and have that page check for enrollment and prompt the user to enroll.
    • This panel should also let users disable desktop notifications completely.
    • This panel should have a "Send test notification" button so users can confirm that notifications work and see what they look like.
  • If users are enrolled, we should emit application notifications as desktop notifications.
  • We may need to use JX.Leader to synchronize this (so multiple open tabs do not produce multiple identical notifications), or all browsers may be smart enough to deduplicate on their own.
  • We may need some additional preferences to control which application notifications promote into desktop notifications, but we'll probably have to build it and see how it feels first.

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Hey hey - here's some useful links on how to contribute good javascript --

That said, I wouldn't sweat things too much. Once you get to the arc diff stage you'll get all the feedback you can handle. :D

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Also interested in this. It could maaaybe reduce reliance on email </wishful thinking>

Diff that very hackily implements desktop notifications on top of standard notifications:

Very interested in this. Willing to contribute code if someone will have time to look at the patch (it doesn't have to be accepted, I just want to know that I am not stepping into something that is unlikely to get merged any time soon).

I'd be happy to play with your patch.

Yoinking this. If you've made any progress on this, feel free to post a diff, otherwise I'm on it.

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