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Add support for downloading zip files or compressed files
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Hi please support downloading zip files or compressed files in differential and diffusion.

Use case is that a user doesn't need to have any software installed to download the files they could click the zip icon or a compressed icon and choose one of the formats that it is saved in for example zip. Instead of having to do git clone.

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See Contributing Feature Requests. We need and want to understand root problems, and don't consider "feature doesn't exist" or "it's something we'd like" a root problem. Specifically in what scenarios are you distributing zip files in a repository why do they need to be downloadable by non-developers?

Well so that users could just like download zip files not needing to have git or any other program to be able to download the files. Gerrit support this and Wikimedia is moving to phabricator soon.

chad added a comment.Dec 8 2015, 5:10 PM

"Gerrit has it" doesn't describe a problem to us.

chad added a comment.Dec 8 2015, 5:13 PM

More specifically, this request is competing with thousands of other tasks vs. 2 developers. If you can't describe a problem this solves, then we can't give it any priority, and it will sit for many years. It's to your benefit to explain the entire use case to us in a manner which we can understand it's impact on all Phabricator users.

chad added a subscriber: epriestley.Dec 8 2015, 5:21 PM

Hi please support downloading zip files or compressed files in differential and diffusion.

Well @epriestley understood this differently than I did. The request sounded like when zips were a part of the diff, that they'd like to be individually downloaded, which seemed very narrowly useful.

Well this is a feature request not a bug request. There is no problem. This feature would be really useful for users that want to download the whole repo for reasons a user may want to upload the files to his or her server doing git clone will take a few minutes because what if the user doesn't have any software that uses git to download the repo. It may take longer if the user doesn't know how to use the software and how to use for example git clone.

I use it sometimes to download a whole repo sometimes from different commits I want to be able to download the whole repo sometimes for debugging and fixes problems or just using it on my web site.