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Update the diff table of contents for moved files, long paths, etc
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Previously, see T13516.

The "paths panel" has recently been updated. There's an argument that this obsoletes the "Table of Contents", since they overlap heavily, but I think the "Table of Contents" is useful to retain -- the "paths panel" does not fit on mobile and the "Table of Contents" has significant additional information (coverage) which can't reasonably fit into the paths panel.

  • See PHI1706. Particularly for Java projects, handling of long paths (15+ directories) is poor and renames can be confusing.

I anticipate making these changes, roughly:

  • Use the newer icons from the paths panel to indicate "deleted", "modified", etc. They are more clear than "D", "M", etc., especially to users unfamiliar with Subversion.
  • Use PhutilEditDistanceMatrix to compute moves, if the move element is retained. Particularly, in a 15-directory path, if directory 7 is moved to position 14 the result should be legible.
  • Organize paths by parent directory and collapse directories with no siblings, as the paths panel does.
  • The PhutilFileTree class from T13516 is obsolete and should be removed or replaced.
    • Possibly, path lists in arc should use directory logic.

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