Ability to reorder milestones on a project's workboard
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A colleague of mine is using milestone to manage high-level quarterly goals. Basically we have a project called #our_team and then underneath that project we have goals which were created in a specific order which doesn't match the order in which these goals were completed. Basically, we created a bunch of milestones and are now in the process of planning our next few months of work. It seems that milestones have an ordering, but it doesn't seem that milestones within a project can be reordered. I'm not sure if there were any plans to add this or not, so I wasn't sure if I should simply comment on T10349.

If the milestones aren't strictly ordered, why did the user create milestones instead of subprojects?

My understanding is that subprojects are basically just regular projects but with a parent relationship. We didn't want these projects to pollute the projects typeahead because no-one should be creating tasks within these subprojects (given that these subprojects dictate what we are working on). By choosing "milestone" instead of "subproject", it becomes clearer in the project typeahead that the subproject is internal to the parent project. That is, if we made #our_january_goal a subproject then it would show up in the projects typeahead as "Our January Goal" whereas as a milestone it is rendered as "Our Team (Our January Goal)".

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I'd rather fix the core problem if it's an unclear typeahead.

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I'd rather fix the core problem if it's an unclear typeahead.

Agree, but I think that there is possibly also some ambiguity regarding subprojects vs milestones vs projects. Someone has also just asked me what the difference between a project and a subproject is, as they aren't sure whether some projects should be created as subprojects or as regular projects.

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That's up to you and your team.

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I think it's not perfectly clear in the UI, but we do have it documented:

Subprojects are projects that are contained inside the main project. You can use them to break large or complex groups, tags, lists, or undertakings apart into smaller pieces.

Milestones are a special kind of subproject for organizing tasks into blocks of work. You can use them to implement sprints, iterations, milestones, versions, etc.

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T11036 will probably be the next round of changes, but I don't think we have this stuff on any immediate roadmap.

T11750 and T11797 are previous requests (this is the 3rd request for this feature).