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Support column visibility filters on Workboards
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My stupid use case:
I had to create a temporary column so I could flip the contents between two columns (one being the default one, which I wanted switch it's purpose with another) since it's not possible (I believe) to set which column is the "default" one (you can only reorder it/rename it).

Now I have this stupid hidden "tmp" column that aggravates my OCD.

More reasonable use case:
Teams are trying out a couple development methodologies or the dev methodology of the team changes over time because evolution. They might go from one setup with X columns to one that has X-Y columns. Hiding is only a partial solution as some teams use the hidden columns actively (ie: an "archived" column for tasks done in the previous sprint, moved from the "done" column) and having multiple hidden columns where some of them are in use and others aren't is confusing/dirty/ugly.

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I have been hit by that as well In short you cannot delete columns but can only hide them see: D9719. Quoting myself:

So complained that it was no more possible to delete columns and was fixed by adding a "deleted" status to columns. And renamed 'Delete' to 'Hide' in the interface :-]

So yeah, hide will work for me. I did not want to hide the mess under the carpet, once this bug.

So I think this task should be merged in {T4408}

And @greggrossmeier could create a new task for: "it's not possible (I believe) to set which column is the "default" one (you can only reorder it/rename it)." for which I can't see a task :-]

It is intentional that you can only reorder and rename it. Some discussion in T6469

I also need to be able to delete columns, not just hide them. I use hidden columns for various archival statuses and occasionally need to actually look at them. Unfortunately, when I turn on hidden columns I also get all the temporary/unneeded columns that I had to hide because I couldn't delete them.

Maybe a better approach would be to let you filter which columns are visible more flexibly. It sounds like all the existing use cases are arising because "hide" isn't being used to archive obsolete columns, but because it's being used to give workboards multiple states where each state has a different set of visible columns.

For example, there could be a new action like "Show/Hide Columns" which pops up a dialog letting you check each column on/off, and maybe you could save states. Then we'd rename "Hide Column" to "Archive Column" or similar.

This could also provide a workaround for personal boards if users eventually want multiple boards. Instead of truly having multiple boards, a "Designer/Chef" at a startup could have a "Design View" of their board with the "Backlog" column and all the "Design" columns, and a "Cheffery" view with the "Backlog" column and all the "Chef" columns, and effectively separate concerns without really needing multiple boards.

We are very unlikely to support deleting columns, per se, since we don't generally let users delete anything.

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I still think the original request is the best solution. Creating save states or visibility filters sounds overly complicated. Why would you not want users to be able to delete columns (other than the axiom that you don't let users delete anything)?

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