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Make Milestone columns moveable like regular project columns
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As a team with a Phab workboard, we'd like to be able to move Milestone columns around regular columns, to match our preferred workflow.

Current use case:

  • Team A has a Milestone called Backlog (Design) . The team uses this Milestone non-traditionally, in that the Milestone will never be resolved. Rather, the team uses the Milestone as a column in their backlog that autopopulates a workboard elsewhere, in this case the Team A's designer's workboard. It's inconvenient to have this column default to the far right, a space usually reserved for less important columns. The team would like to move the column more to the left and in line with an existing product development workflow. That workflow may also change, and in the current implementation of Milestone columns, changing a workflow is challenging.

Future use cases:

  • Team B uses category columns for sorting types of tasks (e.g. "Bugs" or "New Features"). With Milestones, they could sort in a more granular way (e.g. "Bug Type X" and "New Feature Type Y"). They resist sorting columns granularly (in the column's workboard) now because they have no control over Milestone column placement.
  • Sprints for the Team C are currently independent projects. The team's workflow includes them putting tasks that are tagged for sprints into relevant columns in their main board (their backlog), to track completed and upcoming work. For example, work in the current sprint is in "Current Sprint" and work for the coming sprints are in "Next Sprint" and "Sprint +2" etc. As the work is resolved, the "Current Sprint" column becomes a repository of completed work for a span of time, for reference. At the end of each quarter, it is renamed "Quarter X" and hidden, and a new "Current Sprint" is created.
    • Moving tasks across columns on related projects, to match the timing of related projects, is very manual, and Milestones solve problem this almost perfectly (almost, because Milestones can't be nested). However, because the team can't dictate where the columns go, they resist using Milestones.

Possible related: T10412#161719 However, that discusses default Milestone column placement, where this request is for more overall flexibility.