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Create Revision from FavoritesMenuItem doesn't work
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  • Edit Favorites
  • Add a Form to Global or Personal Menu
  • Add from typeahead Create Revision

Expected: anything useful
Actual: page telling you that the action can't be done

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sshannin created this task.Jan 12 2017, 2:42 AM
chad reopened this task as Open.Jan 12 2017, 3:08 AM
chad added a subscriber: chad.

Actually, I think this is a separate bug, moving to MenuItem, it's still broken there as well. Probably related to T11114

aik099 added a subscriber: aik099.Jan 12 2017, 8:08 AM

Before the menu item seem to be called Create Diff and it worked. Right now it's called Create Revision and clicking on it shows an error:

Screenshot from .

epriestley added a subscriber: epriestley.

I think the item didn't exist at all before, and T11114 created it as a side effect. All the installs I have immediate access to are up to date, but, e.g., neither the KDE nor WMF installs have "Create Diff" or "Create Revision" in the menu even though I have access to Differential on both.

(It may have existed in very old versions of Phabricator, before we changed the Quick Create menu to be driven by EditEngine.)

T5867 will probably "fix" this in the near term by removing the item from the default list, although users who add a new "EditEngine" item pointing at this engine will get the same behavior. Some other engines probably have similar behavior (for example, if you point at link at CommitEditEngine, there's nothing reasonable it can possibly do: there's no flow for creating a commit from the web UI).

My planned path forward here is:

  • Wait for T5867 to shove this under a rug.
  • Eventually, tailor the behavior by giving EditEngine some methods to customize how its MenuItems work, so the one for RevisionEditEngine can be called "Create Diff" and point at the diff creation form? I guess? Or just removing these as options? You can always use a link item, instead.

...and maaaybe throw a hacky patch on this before we promote stable if T5867 doesn't make it to master by then.

chad added a comment.Jan 12 2017, 3:33 PM

I started redesigning the main header last night, don't expect it to land before stable cut this week. I'll probably land it all at once. (Header Redesign + Favorities Menu).

Ah, cool. I'll throw something hacky over this for now if I have a chance, then.

chad renamed this task from Create Revision from global menu doesn't work to Create Revision from FavoritesMenuItem doesn't work.Jan 18 2017, 1:02 AM
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The form still does nothing useful, but it's not a default any more

epriestley edited projects, added Differential; removed Diffusion.Jan 19 2017, 4:46 PM

Obviously not a particularly important issue, but this now will populate a link in the favorites menu which leads to an exception:

Obviously not a particularly important issue, but this now will populate a link in the favorites menu which leads to an exception:

Does this happen on latest Phabricator version as well and that blocks you from creating a Diff from Web Interface (not via Arcanist)?

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