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Require "E" be defined in variables_order so $_ENV is correctly populated
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If PHP's variables_order excludes "E", the $_ENV superglobal is not populated.

We currently manage to struggle through this in most cases, but it's a losing battle because we can't reliably build an environment correctly when executing subprocesses.

We should require installs to include "E" in variables_order, and likely require that they set it to the default value, "EGPCS", although we probably do not need that as long as it contains an "E" somewhere.

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One thought here is that updating variables_order is fine on the server, but I really don't want to force arc users to muck with php.ini. Some possible "solutions":

  • Re-execute php with -d variables_order=EGPCS. However: extremely gross.
  • Run export or printenv and parse the output. Also gross. What about Windows? (SET?)
    • Or, run php -d variables_order=E -r "echo json_encode($_ENV);". This is way more dumb but probably a lot less perilous.
  • Continue muddling through this, enumerating problematic variables one-by-one.

The php -d variables_order=E 'echo json_encode($_ENV);' approach seems maybe least-bad but takes 20ms on my machine, so doing it without a performance penalty will be involved.

My testing from D17296 indicates this would also resolve the original problem described in T9639

Via PHI773, filter_input_array(INPUT_ENV, FILTER_UNSAFE_RAW); does not appear to work if variables_order excludes E.