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Add "E" to "variables_order" in Phacility environments
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See also T12071. Phacility environments, particularly repo hosts, do not define "E" in variables_order. This leads to an unnecessary subprocess execution during startup to repair it.

A somewhat-related issue is that neither XHProf or --trace can "see" this call. We probably can't do much about XHProf safely, but we could maintain a service call buffer of the last X calls and send them to any newly registered listener. This is indirectly visible in --trace when the first call starts at some positive number:

$ .bin/storage status --trace
>>> [7] (+0) <connect> 

The [7] means "six calls happened before --trace initialized".

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D21656 fixes variables_order.

The --trace stuff is old and weird enough that I'm not going to try to sneak it in to this release -- see related T13640.