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Give EditEngine universal support for "Haunted Mode"
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Differential has a fairly hacky "Haunted Mode" which pins the comment area to the bottom of the page.

I want to replace all of the Differential commenting code with shared code from EditEngine, but the EditEngine comment area doesn't currently support this feature, so we'd lose it. Possible approaches:

  1. Lose the feature.
  2. Bring support to EditEngine.

I'd prefer (1) but I think this gets a nontrivial amount of use, and when we break it I think we get complaints, so I'm favoring retaining it.

Issues with the feature as it exists:

  • Undiscoverable: the only way to access it is a keyboard shortcut.
    • Add a "pin" icon remarkup shortcut instead?
  • Multiple modes (comment vs comment + preview) are unclear.
    • Drop "comment + preview", since we have inline preview now?
  • "Haunt" is silly and fun because it characterizes the form as a spooky ghost!
    • Rename to "pin"?
  • State is saved as a preference, but this scope doesn't necessarily make sense.
    • Save state per-application, so pinning in Differential does not pin in Maniphest?
  • Unclear if this is useful anywhere except Differential/Diffusion.
    • Plausible in Paste? Maybe Pholio? Doesn't seem to hurt anything by making it global. We could turn it off in particular applications if there's some sort of UI conflict.
  • Is "Z" keyboard shortcut a good thing?
    • Remove? Just have a UI button?

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Oh, there's no preference for this right now. I'll probably just keep "Z" for the moment.

I do use it, but not in conjunction with preview.

FWIW #Twitter has multiple users of this feature and we'd likely get complaints if it broke