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Add various "make an HTTP call" setup checks, and run them in parallel
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We have several setup checks we'd like to perform that require making an HTTP request to some service (usually, localhost).

We'll execute these with short timeouts, but we'd be better off running these in parallel than in series. See subtasks for details.

  • (T2226) Test gzip settings.
  • (T11544) Detect "burstable CPU" AWS instances.
  • (T5067) Test missing "B" flag in Apache rewrite rules.
    • (T6709) Mentions a documentation change.
  • (T4854) Test for mod_pagespeed.
    • Also, test for Rocket Loader?
  • (T10597) Possibly test for webservers not serving /.* paths, although we only ever saw one report of that.
  • (T6866) Test for missing QSA rules.
  • (T4921) Test for Basic authorization not being forwarded.
  • Test for leading or trailing whitespace caused by <space><newline><?php or ?><spaces and newlines>.

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epriestley claimed this task.

I think we now test everything we've seen except RocketLoader (which is hard to test and hasn't come up too much recently) and not serving .whatever paths (which we've only ever seen one instance of, and which is also somewhat hard to test). I'm going to consider this resolved for now until we see more issues.