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Detect mod_pagespeed and warn the user, or don't break when it is enabled
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I have installed my self hosted copy of Phabricator and I'm just starting to play around with it. I faced a strange behavior with editing tasks:

When inside a task and you use any of the following options:

  • Edit Dependencies
  • Edit Differential Revisions
  • Edit Pholio Mocks

these dialogues behave all in the way in that you cannot make any typing to their fields. Everything entered to them is instantly removed again, just as somebody keeps the backspace key pressed while you are trying to enter something.

I have tried this with Chrome and Firefox (both latest) on a Windows 7 machine and recorded it to a short screencast, you find at Youtube. In one of the callouts within that recording, I write that this is a task with a Phrequent tracker running on it. This is not of any importance, since it behaves the same without any tracking activated.

There's nothing printed to my PHP or Apache error logs. If you need any additional information, please let me know and I will deliver them as best as I can.

I'm on commit 28696d08ac424116e02c21ab071d0d6005184eb3 of phabricator, 6e597b292ad142be7840c523001eb897b1b05b6c of arcanist and 3ca028dec2e77ec8780c644f453b5700b606ab60 of libphutil, if this is of any importance.

PS: I somehow cannot reproduce it with the same browsers on this instance at ... :/

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Are you able to repro on here the same problem?

(oh I see the PS, nevermind).

So my only rough guess at this is something is not connecting / being served on your static resources (js/css). We don't have other reports of this and can't reproduce (I tried with my Win7 copy) - obviously this is a well used interface.

Can you dig into a JS console and see if there are errors firing?

I'm very sorry to answer this late!

I'd be glad to provide further information, but I do not know how to do JS debuging :( Would it help if you had access to the install? If so, please look at the issue at and use the following credentials:

User: demo
Pass: demo0815

If I can be of service with any logs or such, please let me know.

This is a Javascript error:

Screen_Shot_2014-04-27_at_7.36.36_AM.png (962×1 px, 128 KB)

It's not immediately obvious why that's happening, but I see something called "mod_pagespeed" being injected into the page source. My guess is that this software is interacting poorly with Phabricator and causing Javascript problems. Can you try disabling "mod_pagespeed"? It should be in your apache config, I think.

This page suggests you can turn it off by adding "ModPagespeed off" to the relevant vhost:

Awesome! You are right - pagespeed is now disabled and all is working as expected!
I never had issues with it with other applications - so I did not suspect this. Thank you a lot! :)

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Cool. I'll leave this open since we should try to either detect this and warn users about it or fix whatever's breaking, but we probably won't get to it for a while. Thanks for setting up an account so we could look at the issue!

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