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Consider benchmarking hardware during setup
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T11568 appears to describe an environmental issue related to extremely poor query performance, possibly because of write synchronization in a master/master cluster.

Broadly, we could make an attempt to benchmark the host, either during setup or in a dedicated way in Config. We're unlikely to get a very precise value, but if we're within an order of magnitude that would let us raise "your host/config is completely potato and nothing is going to work" warnings. In particular, it might be useful to benchmark:

  • CPU (detect raspberry pi emulated on an amiga)
  • Database I/O (detect global cluster configured with write synchronization)
  • Disk I/O (detect NFS on the moon)
  • (With T11553) HTTP round-trip time?

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maybe also DB's max_connections?

We can just query that as a setup check, although I don't recall too many issues with it recently.