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Build a flexible revision lookup API in Arcanist
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Jul 21 2016, 11:33 AM
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Several proposed changes depend on being able to go from an arbitrary blob of information (commit hash, commit message, branch name, directory name, tree hash, phase of the moon) to a revision.

These changes include:

  • (T11343) Make arc diff automatically detect "depends on".
  • (T3875) Make arc land automatically strip redundant changes.
  • (T3875 ) Implement arc cascade.
  • (T10895) Make arc browse do revision lookup for commits/branches.
  • (T6072) Likely, improvements to arc patch, arc which, generally to arc diff.

Echoes of this code already exist in two places:

  • arc branch identifies commits on branches using a limited subset of the full query we should be executing.
  • arc diff (via loadWorkingCopyDifferentialRevisions()) uses this in several cases, but can only query the current working copy state.

These should be unified and turned into a core API.

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eadler added a project: Restricted Project.Jul 25 2016, 4:23 PM

I'm not sure if D16857 is even close to the right level of generality or correct approach and the answer has yet to come to me in a dream, so I'm going to push forward on top of it and see how far I get. If too much stuff stacks up I'll maybe shove this stuff into an experimental branch for now until I decide whether I'm throwing it all away or not.

I'm sure if I keep digging we'll be out of this hole in no time.

epriestley claimed this task.

This approximately exists now via T11968.