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Option to move child pages when parent in renamed
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If I create the pages w/haystack and w/haystack/needle, both show up in my top level hierarchy as expected, and viewing w/haystack shows needle in it's hierarchy. Then I move w/haystack to w/haybale, but it does not move needle with it. Now when I go to the hierarchy at w/ I see haybale only, and the hierarchy at w/haybale does not show needle either. Fortunately the direct URL to needle still works.

If I go to w/haystack it tells me the page has moved, and does show needle in it's hierarchy. If I edit and save this page (creating a new w/haystack) I can again see haystack and needle in the top-level hierarchy.

I do not think the descendants should be orphaned in the hierarchy when their ancestor is moved. Maybe this means moving the descendants automatically at the same time, or maybe auto-create a placeholder document to replace the moved document, or some other solution.

See also PHI987.

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FWIW, I'm running 2015 week 43.

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Rule #1 of bug reporting:

  • Update your install.

You are welcome to reproduce on a Phacility test instance if you are unable to update, but as a rule we only take bug reports at HEAD.

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I can reproduce this. Not sure this should happen "by default" but at least a checkbox seems reasonable to also rename child slugs.

In T10307#158056, @chad wrote:

Rule #1 of bug reporting:

  • Update your install.

Will do from now on. Thanks!

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