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Respect repository identities when selecting author vs auditor actions

Authored by epriestley on Jun 17 2019, 5:11 PM.



Depends on D20580. Fixes T13311. When we choose which actions to show a user, we can either show them "auditor" actions (like "raise concern") or "author" actions (like "request verification").

Currently, we don't show "author" actions if you're the author of the commit via an identity mapping, but we should. Use identity mappings where they exist.

(Because I've implemented getEffectiveAuthorPHID() in a way that requires $data be attached, it's possible this will make something throw a "DataNotAttached" exception, but: probably it won't?; and that's easy to fix if it happens.)

Test Plan

See D20580. As @alice, viewed the commit in the UI.

  • Before: got auditor actions presented to me.
  • After: got author actions.

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