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2019 Week 16 (Late April)
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Summary of changes from March 29, 2019 to April 17, 2019.

PhabricatorrPrP02cfcfa07971 commits
ArcanistrARCrARC9830c9310 commits
libphutilrPHUrPHU639e4b92 commits
Instances (SAAS)rSAASrSAAS5e608510 commits
Services (SAAS)rSERVICESrSERVICES05a1d481 commit
Core (SAAS)rCORErCORE78c222b0 commits
  • These changes were promoted to stable.
  • This release is large and off-cycle, and largely corresponds to master briefly reaching a point of relative stability between larger changes connected to Dashboards/Portals (see T13083) in 2019 Week 14/15 and upcoming changes to Charts/Permanent Refs (see T13279/T13277).


[] Portals: The "Dashboards" application now allows you to create "Portals".

Portals allow you to collect multiple dashboards and other resources together on a single page. Roughly, they're an editable menu which you can add dashboards and other links to. The portal menu is similar to the Home menu and the Favorites application, but you can create portals for a particular topic.

Portals are mostly groundwork for charts, and are likely to be more useful once charts come online: they'll let you collect multiple dashboards with information and charts together to get an overview of the state of a project or team.


  • No notes in this period.


20190329.portals.01.create.sql17 ms
20190329.portals.02.xaction.sql20 ms
20190410.portals.01.ferret.doc.sql13 ms
20190410.portals.02.ferret.field.sql15 ms
20190410.portals.03.ferret.ngrams.sql14 ms
20190410.portals.04.ferret.cngrams.sql20 ms
20190412.dashboard.01.panels.php194 ms
20190412.dashboard.02.install.sql12 ms
20190412.dashboard.03.dashngrams.sql9 ms
20190412.dashboard.04.panelngrams.sql9 ms
20190412.dashboard.05.dferret.doc.sql14 ms
20190412.dashboard.06.dferret.field.sql14 ms
20190412.dashboard.07.dferret.ngrams.sql14 ms
20190412.dashboard.08.dferret.cngrams.sql18 ms
20190412.dashboard.09.pferret.doc.sql14 ms
20190412.dashboard.10.pferret.field.sql14 ms
20190412.dashboard.11.pferret.ngrams.sql14 ms
20190412.dashboard.12.pferret.cngrams.sql20 ms
20190412.dashboard.13.rebuild.php32 ms
20190412.herald.01.rebuild.php4 ms

"Duration" is the duration for this install, and may not be representative.

Upgrading / Compatibility

[] ProfileMenu: The ProfileMenu API has changed. If you have custom ProfileMenu item implementations, they will likely require minor updates. D20358 represents the bulk of the API changes: newNavigationMenuItems() has become newMenuItemViewList(), and newItem() is now newItemView(). These API changes support tracking the selection and highlight state of items in cases when a single ProfileMenu item produces multiple distinct controls in the menu. Today, there are no such upstream cases, but this made some of the other changes easier. See also D20357 for more discussion and rationale.

[] Dashboards: Dashboard panel APIs have changed somewhat. If you define custom panel implementations, they likely require minor updates. See D20372 for context.

New bin/auth lock and bin/auth unlock options allow you to freeze and thaw authentication configuration so it can't be edited via the web UI. This mostly reduces the amount of damage that an attacker can do with a compromised administrator account (for example, by reconfiguring an LDAP provider to point at an evil proxy they control which logs usernames and passwords). You will receive a setup warning after upgrading if auth configuration is unlocked. This option currently has a limited effect on actually preventing edits.

[] When revisions are added as dependencies of one another or tasks are associated with commits, the actions no longer publish notifications or feed stories. See D20437 for some context.

Profile Menus

[] Profile menus are the editable menus used on the home page, the Favorites application, projects, user profiles, and portals.

  • When a profile menu has a link item which exactly matches the current URI including query parameters, that item is now highlighted even if it isn't the item building the page content. This primarily allows you to add link items to a workboard which show different views of the workboard and have the menu provide more useful visual feedback about which view you're looking at.
  • Some items, like "Edit Menu", are now locked to the top or bottom of the menu and can not be moved.
  • When a default item is selected from a menu, disabled items are no longer candidates. This primarily affects cases where the home page menu has several dashboards with different visibility as the first few items.
  • The "Favorites" application now has a persistent menu when you're viewing a dashboard.


[] Dashboards were really hard to edit. They still aren't perfect, but it should now be very difficult to make a dashboard descend into a state of madness. These changes are primarily focused on giving charts a warm, dry place to live once they come online.

  • The "View", "Manage", and "Arrange" modes of Dashboards have been combined.
  • Previously, the "View" mode of dashboards offered a read-only rendering of the panels. To get something similar, you should now add the dashboard to a Portal (or Favorites, or Home). When a dashboard is rendered in a menu context, it renders in "view" mode. When a dashboard is rendered from within the Dashboards application, it renders in "edit/manage" mode.
  • The "Install Dashboard" workflow is now less of a catastrophic mess.
  • Dashboard templates are no longer supported. There was only one anyway. You always get a blank slate when creating a new dashboard now.
  • Editing tab panels should now randomly delete less of your data.
  • Dashboards and panels now show an accurate list of places where they are used.
  • Dashboards can have duplicate panels. This isn't too exciting. This is mostly useful when you don't want your dashboard to completely break itself after it randomly decides to duplicate a panel.


  • [] When database connections fail, particularly from CLI scripts, the diagnostic information is now more clear.
  • Improved rendering of sequences of quoted lists in Remarkup when the quoted block was attributed to an author.
  • [] Fixed a bug where context lines completely failed to render in Differential.
  • [] Fixed a bug where [[ or (( could be too persistent in trying to evaluate autosuggest rules. This possibly led to poor performance in some edit workflows?
  • [] Fixed some issues with the "Actions" dropdown button on Phame blog live views.
  • [] Added a workboard trigger rule to assign tasks.
  • [] Added workboard trigger rules to add and remove tasks.
  • [] "JIRA Issue URIs" is now supported as a Herald field for revisions.
  • [] If you add files to the instructions for a custom form, they will now correctly be visible to users who can see the form.
  • [] Owners packages now show Herald rules which affect them.
  • [] Phabricator now accepts pushes which include arbitrary refs (not just tags and branches).

The [] icon indicates a change backed by support mana.

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