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Need a dashboard that can used by members of differing Space/Projects
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I have a Dashboard installed globally to be default for developers. I've recently added a new Space to separate the company employees from a handful of external collaborators. When the external collaborators log in they can't access the default dashboard, and get "You shall not pass".

I updated the default dashboard to be accessible to All Users, and then modified the individual panels to be visible to either the company or collaborators. Doing this made the dashboard unusable by anyone who wasn't a member of both Spaces. By removing the panel which was specific to Space 2, so that all panels were visible to Space 1, then members from Space 1 could use the dashboard again.

Is there a way to enable default dashboards per space, or allow dashboards to be accessible to everyone but control the panels to be space-specific?

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As a workaround, I created a specific dashboard for the collaborators, and am instructing them to visit the dashboard manually via direct link in order to install it. Otherwise they are presented with this:

Maybe in the time being could we provide a link to the dashboard application from this "You Shall Not Pass: Restricted Dashboard" page? That would at least help move users into finding a dashboard that they can use.

Somewhat related, for usability it would be nice if "Install Dashboard" was an option somewhere on the dashboard listing, instead of having to go into "Manage":

chad added a subscriber: chad.Oct 2 2015, 5:03 PM

I'm not sure adding "Install" here makes sense. It makes a lot of assumptions you know whats on the dashboard and you come to this page to toggle between them frequently? At least it's helpful to know why it'd be useful here as there may be a better product to build somewhere (like switching between multiple dashboards).

I was thinking in the context of this task's issue - Users who do not have access to the default dashboard are presented with "You Shall Not Pass". If there was a /dashboards link directing users to available dashboards, they could select one to use - and try different ones if they were so inclined. I would not expect all users to figure out they would have to click "Manage" and then "Install" unless there were instructions presented.

For this case I had to communicate instructions:

  1. Navigate to /dashboards
  2. Select "Project X Dashboard"
  3. Click "Manage Dashboard"
  4. Click "Install Dashboard"

I think it would have been seen as less of a problem if resolving were simpler:

  1. Navigate to /dashboards
  2. Install "Project X Dashboard"

I suppose the root problem more clearly state is: New users without access to the default dashboard should have better experience finding/installing an accessible dashboard.

That would assume one which they can access has already been created (which is true for my situation).

Although in the solution I tried: a dashboard with visible to "All Users" which contained panels only visible to differing spaces -- I was not expecting the dashboard to result in requiring users to be members of both in order to see.

@chad - do you think that warrants a new task, or ultimately it's one and the same with this one?

chad added a comment.Oct 2 2015, 6:49 PM

I think this task is just T4984

chad added a comment.Oct 2 2015, 6:51 PM

along with parts of T4103

@epriestley any reason to not implement Spaces on Dashboards?

I can't think of any offhand. It might be easier to fix the dashboard/panel stuff first (i.e., inherit parent dashboard permissions) and then do this rather than the other way around, though.

epriestley closed this task as Resolved.Mar 31 2019, 10:05 PM
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I'm going to claim this is possibly "resolved" by fixes in T13275/T12871, especially D20359. Once those land, you can put a list of dashboards in the menu and users will default to the first one they can see. The others will be marked as "Restricted Dashboard".

If that doesn't actually fix this or there are followups / etc., file a new issue after picking up 2019 Week 14 and we can fix whatever's left since this is now ripe. Additional work under the umbrella of T13272 may also make this easier by adjusting the install process, although I'm not totally sure what will happen there yet.