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Editing a room edits the previously selected one
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When you try to edit a room by going to "Participants -> Edit Room", it'll give you a dialog to edit the previously selected room, instead of the current one. I went a bit through the conpherence code and I can't really figure out why it happens.

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What actually happens is even more annoying: The dialogue displays the values of the previous room, but saving it edits the values of the current room.

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I can confirm this bug, and we should resolve it soon. Sorry if it slid under our radar.

just got an instance set up and ran into this, adding my voice to say issue is obnoxious.

Confirming that this bug is still kicking in the latest stable.

Yep, we'll close issues once we resolve them.

Yes, I know. I also know bugs can get buried or resolve themselves over time (seen both), so since this is a bit old, I'm just confirming on stable for reference. Take your time. :)

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