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Participant Badge Requests
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Excited about badges but lacking in merit and accomplishments? You can post a request here to receive a special "Participant" badge.

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I think you misunderstand what Badges are for.

In T8943#127919, @chad wrote:

I think you misunderstand what Badges are for.

Congratulations on your new badge!

But sure, I'll take a free badge.

I'd like to participate, but for the life of me I cannot understand the thoughts expressed above.

Can I get a "Wallflower" badge instead of "Participant?"

Sorry, I've only got these "Participant" badges.

Can I get one? Would love one.

Im hungry... I want waffles... and a badge

Do badges even work on Windows? I haven't tested.

Could I get a badge if I promise not to markup the price and cheat a tourist out of their vacation funds?

If I give this ticket two tokens do I get two badges?

Can I has one? Maybe someday I has as much as dis guys:

dey look hapy.

but actually I'm jealous of all the shiny badges

That's it, I'm all out of "Participant" badges. Sorry if you missed this exciting, limited-time badge!