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Make "Send me an email" force mail delivery through notification preferences
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Currently, Herald rules that culminate in "Send me an email" respect user notification preferences. This may degrade the email to a notification or drop it entirely.

Herald rules should be stronger than notification preferences, and we should specifically override preference-based behaviors when a recipient comes from a Herald action.

We may also want to add a "Send me a notification" action, which works like email but forces the event to degrade to a notification if there are no other circumstances which would cause email delivery. In particular, it's possible that some users currently rely on the "Send me an email" behavior plus preferences to receive notifications, although it seems somewhat more likely that this is just fairly rare in the wild.

(The "Add me as a subscriber" action shouldn't punch through preferences, and should just work like you were normally CC'd and respect preferences.)

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Im kind of wary of Herald ignoring user preferences.

Especially if a herald rule is set to email everyone in a project, lets say one person in that project doesn't want emails, they are screwed.

Also for certain laws I vaguely remember something where you always need to allow a user to disable/unsubscribe, not sure if that would apply.

The project/global version of this ("Send an email to...") probably should not override user preferences. The user version ("Send me an email") is always user-controlled.

None of this would override "Never send email notifications".

The specific behavioral change this implements is that Personal (not Global or Object) Herald rules which take a "Send me an email" action can override these user settings:

  • SettingsEmail PreferencesSelf Actions
  • SettingsEmail PreferencesThe Various Per-Action-Kind Selectors

They do not override other things which can affect mail delivery. In particular, "Never send me email notifications" is stronger than "Send me an email".